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Monday, July 7

More Lingerie from Stella McCartney!

Images from Stella McCartney's runway shows, via

With the success of the "Daisy Dreaming" group from Stella McCartney's intimate apparel line, we decided to add the remaining pieces from her collection to our online boutique!
Now you can shop the rest of the Summer '08 groups such as Eve Giggling, Coco Blushing and Ava Swinging (certainly fun names to pick from!).
It's also worth mentioning again that the pricing for the Stella McCartney intimates is considerably well-priced when compared to the pricing of her ready-to-wear collection; a lot of our customers are pleasantly surprised to discover this!

2 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

This collection seems to be a little passe with regular prints like stars ad florals, one would expect something more pathbreaking out of McCartney. Her recent range of chiffon clutches, however, was something to die for!

Unknown said...

you're right about i'll have to check out her chiffon clutches!!