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Monday, July 28

A Brief Lesson in Hosiery

Whenever someone wants to spice up their lingerie ensemble, they typically end up adding hosiery to up the ante! We just wanted to provide a few basic concepts regarding hosiery, in order to make your purchasing decisions a bit easier.

Basically (and for purposes of this post we'll keep it brief), hosiery can be divided into a few different categories: tights, pantyhose, stockings, and thigh highs (no need to discuss socks here).

We will start with what we consider the sexiest: stockings. Stockings require a garter belt to keep them up on your leg. For those of you wishing to create a vintage look, this is the best way to go. More often than not, stockings are made from nylon rather than silk - this is due to the innovation at Dupont back in 1937. One of our best-selling stockings are those with the black seam along the back, which are very retro-inspired. See images below for example:

Photos below all via Wolford

The next category is the Thigh High (also known as Stay Ups). The thigh high is basically a stocking that can stay up without a garter belt because of the silicone strips around the top of the leg. See image below for an example.
Of course there are Pantyhose, which are nylons that extend up around your waist. Most of you have some experience wearing these! Pantyhose aren't just for the office anymore - they are a great way to accessorize. There are so many tasteful patterns out there that can really glamorize an outfit!

And lastly, there are Tights...good old tights. These are typically opaque and have a heavier consistency than pantyhose (which is why we all wore these to school on cold days when we were young girls). Tights can come in a variety of materials such as cotton and merino wool and have textures such as cable knit and ribbed (we wore the ribbed style back in the early 90s...in red...yikes!). Tights can be incredibly sexy, and we believe everyone should at least own a black pair to wear with high heels or boots. We just added some new hosiery styles to our store - check them out!

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