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Wednesday, July 16

1950s Lingerie

above & below: Bettie Page

Here we are with lingerie of the 1950s, filled with bullet bras, high-waisted panties and silk slips! You can see that lingerie is becoming a bit more risque, and more mainstream in advertising. During this decade there seems to be a divide between the sex kitten/vamp lingerie and the sweet, innocent 'housewife' lingerie so demurely portrayed in most of these images.
We could talk about the history of lingerie during the 1950s, but frankly, that sounds pretty boring when the fun images in this post can speak for themselves!

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Is it a wonder all the retro lingerie seems to be inspired by the 50's. Each decade has something to offer, but the 50's seemed to have it all. Great post!xoxo

Anonymous said...

My forthcoming fifties inspired lingerie line captures the housewifey look of the era but brings it up to date too .. and in a fun way.. take a look its at cupcakelingerie.co.uk Emma

Ted Juhl said...

It seems that the 50’s fashion is still the rage today, even for lingerie. I guess that notable pin-up style is so remarkable it transcends generations. Those high-waisted garments and flimsy brassieres are very popular back then. Even today, you can still see these designs on the market, but with an updated look.