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Thursday, July 31

Lingerie Gets Upstaged!

photos: Kate Vandermeer

Here are a few images from Pop Magazine, in which the lingerie gets completely upstaged by big hair! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
We think we spy an Aubade 'Bahia' bra in that first shot (it's always fun doing lingerie detective work!).
This blog entry is total fluff (or total puff if you are talking about the hair...lame joke attempt), but it seemed vaguely relevant for today's post!

6 fabulous comments:

kat said...

Good observation - the hair totally seems to be the feature of that shoot!

Always In Style said...

Holy guacamole - is that last one even wearing any lingerie? That's a lotta hair!

TIG said...

Love the big hair! May upstage the lingerie a little, or may make it extra sexy?

dee said...

LOVE the big hair! I would need, like, 8000 bobby pins and a can of hairspray to achieve this look!

Unknown said...

we love the big hair too, and yes (lil bee), it takes 8000 bobby pins and a can of hair spray!!


Anonymous said...

This post is so great! I love it so much that I'm adding it to my blog today (!

The big hair cracks me up and reminds me of what I look like when I wake up before I tame it all down. ;)