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Wednesday, July 2

Do We See a New Trend?

Photos: Alessandro Lucione via

What's interesting is that we were just speaking with a customer about layering lingerie, and how to use it as an outerwear look or accessory. She said she understood how to layer and show off a bra, or wear a chemise as a dress or top, but she asked whether there was anything innovative with showing off sexy panties...and here we stumbled upon an answer. Looking at these images from the Christian Dior Fall 2008 runway show, we see a lot of peek-a-boo panties! We suppose if you want to show off your knickers in a sophisticated manner, this is it!
Granted, John Galliano has much more creative license on his runways than the average woman does wanting to make a fashion statement.
In the meantime, we won't suggest that our customers wear sheer skirts to show off their boyshorts...unless this runway trend catches on!

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Who knows... but I really like it )))

Hugs from Angel.

Fifi Flowers said...

If this new trend takes off... your biz should skyrocket! Can't go around showing off ugly panties!;)

cassandra said...

i LOVED this show! galliano is genius.