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Monday, June 30

Fifi Chachnil on Dita von Teese

Photos: Ellen von Unwerth

We found these pictures of Dita von Teese wearing the same Fifi Chachnil pieces that we have in stock at Faire Frou Frou. If you're interested in re-creating Dita's look, just click here (plus, the items are on SALE!!).

5 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

You are killing me! I love that look and now I know how to pull it off and it's on sale!

Unknown said...

i know! now that i've seen the dress on Dita, i want to take one too!

Anonymous said...

Dita looks hot ))) I want to have something like this )))

Hugs from Angel.


I couldn't resist using this photo for my post today! Thanks.

Julia's body said...

Beautiful !