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Thursday, June 19

Rosamosario in W Magazine!

Rosamosario gown on Kate Moss

Rosamosario knickers

Rosamosario Chantilly Lace Gown

Rosamosario corset worn as skirtRosamosario canvas & cotton corset worn as skirt

Rosamosario corset

Rosamosario's designer, Carlotta Danti is in both of these pictures. Above, she's 3rd from the right standing up (wearing a sleeveless top). Below, she's in the gray t-shirt wearing some cute red shoes in the sand!
We were looking through the images of the latest W Magazine, and noticed a very cute pair of panties that reminded us of one of the brands we carry...and sure enough, several of the pieces were designed by our friend Carlotta Danti from Rosamosario! And what was even more interesting is that we saw Carlotta included in the Bruce Weber shoot alongside the likes of Kate Moss!
Rosamosario is a true couture lingerie line, in which all pieces are made-to-order. Of course, Carlotta had created some pieces for our boutique a while back, all of which were made by hand using traditional time-consuming methods!
It seems that Rosamosario is currently only made-to-order (not stocked in other boutiques) next time you're in Venice, pop by and see Carlotta for a beautiful lingerie creation. But if you're interested, we still have a couple of her pieces for sale at Faire Frou Frou (check them out here).
Congratulations Carlotta!!

Here we are with Carlotta at Faire Frou Frou (with the famous Grecian gown design!)

5 fabulous comments:

Marie Louise said...

I'm just discovering your blog - lots of wonderful things!

Anonymous said...

Love the whole photos except of the 2nd. Too nude!

Unknown said...

yes, the 2nd one is too nude - we blocked out her chest as a result! thanks for the input!

Alkemie said...

All 3 of you look so beautiful! Lots of fantastic eye candy and romantic things!


Anonymous said...

Rosamosario is currently in Via Benvenuto Cellini 21, Milano - Italy.

I love Rosamosario.