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Thursday, June 5

Lingerie as High Fashion (Again!)

Above: Carine Gilson set (we have that bra at Faire Frou Frou!)

Above: Eres bra

Above: Nina Ricci top, Princess Tam-Tam shorty

Here are some images from ELLE France featuring some beautiful lingerie! The photos are by photographer Eric Traore, who seems to have a history of photgraphing lingerie & nudes (we checked out his website).
We just wanted to share the eye-candy with you!

5 fabulous comments:

Courtney said...

Wow - you have some incredibly gorgeous photos!! I can only imagine what your underwear drawer looks like! Mine is jealous.

la la Lovely said...

Alison -Thanks for stopping by my blog.. Ok, I am so disappointed to know that the Le Creuset pot doesn't work well. That stinks..but you are right, it will look pretty sitting there :-)
Trina xx

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, hot and provocative. The lingerie is wild, sexy...
And thanks for stopping by my blog. Please, come back often and I will do the same.


eric said...

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Anonymous said...
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