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Thursday, June 26

Gwyneth Paltrow in GQ

Photographs by Vincent Peters

Once again, we spotted a high-end lingerie shoot that includes pieces from Carine Gilson! It seems like she's the go-to brand for luxury editorial...and she should be!
Here's Gwyneth Paltrow in the June 2008 issue of GQ wearing a gorgeous silk can see the beautiful craftsmanship, especially in the last picture.
Doesn't Gwyneth look amazing?!

2 fabulous comments:

EvesApples said...

I love these images of Gwenyth! I saw this post on Lingerie Planet and before I got to who posted it, I knew it was by Faire Frou Frou. ;)

Speaking of pictures, I'll be sending you some soon of your special interview! ;)


franki durbin said...

go Gwyneth! She looks amazing. I never used to see her as sexy. Pretty, yes. Sexy no. I've been changing my mind over the past few seasons. She's really coming into her own.