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Monday, June 23

ZOOZOOM Lingerie Shoot

Above: Eres bra, Cadolle waist corsetAbove: Vivienne Westwood top/corset, Marlies Dekkers pantyPhilip Tracy Chez Franck & Fils feather headbandAF Vandevorst corset
Aubade bra & Vannina Vesperini panty
Cadolle corset & panty, Wolford stockings
ID Sarrieri bra, Vannina Vesperini panty, Patrick Cox shoes (so pretty!!)

We were so excited (as though we found lingerie heaven) when we found these lovely images by Blaise Lavigne for ZOOZOOM's online magazine. Each photo has lingerie from one of our favorite designers; all tastefully appointed with rich colors.
The photos & lingerie are supposed to embody the cabaret life during the Jazz Age. Here's an excerpt from the magazine that relates to many of the high-fashion pieces we have at Faire Frou Frou:

Too ostentatious for its intentions to be limited to wearing where it cannot be seen, too revealing to be functional as protection against even temperate weather, and too beautiful to place within the parameters of functionality, lingerie that embodies the subversive cabaret lifestyle survives today. And where does it live? It coyly sneaks out from beneath outerwear and dances of the stage of the imagination ( a place where style exists without the threat of extinction).

For those of you who think you need a boyfriend/husband to justify purchasing beautiful lingerie, this quote is for you! ;-)

4 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Completely loving the Cadolle corset panty & Wolford stockings.

Anonymous said...

I have never thought of blue as a sexy colour. But, these photots are gorgeous... love them )))

Anonymous said...

real bright colors which one can go for but in private!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frou Frou Fashionista
Thanks so much for linking to ZOOZOOM! We hope you can make it to our next fashion party and meet our staff and fashion friends. Our next Fashion Wars Party is January 29th. If you would like to vote or attend, e-mail me at xenia [at] zoozoom [dot] com.

Feel free to comment back on our Staff Blog. We love to hear from our friends.