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Wednesday, June 18

How Cute is This?!?

The Apple & Custard promo from Patrick & Skinner

We received the latest press release from UK lingerie brand Patrick & Skinner, and wanted to share their promo shot with you! We just loved the colors, and it perfectly matches the philosophy of the company which considers lingerie a treat or indulgence, much like chocolate or sweets in a candy store. This brand realizes that there are plenty of lingerie niches out there (burlesque lingerie, naughty girl lingerie, etc.), so they created their own specialty of indulging your guilty pleasures through lingerie you can wear every day.
To learn more about Patrick & Skinner, visit their website!

2 fabulous comments:

Vain and Vapid said...

Really cute stuff with a great concept, the model reminds me of Zoey Dechanel.

Anonymous said...

Yummy I love the colors! They are perfect for summertime. And I love the retro appeal of the styles as well.