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Monday, July 21

Lingerie & Beautiful Photography II

above images by Mary McCartney
We were pleased to discover the work of British photographer Polly Wreford, who specializes in lifestyle photography with a romantic touch.
We posted a few of her pictures that include lingerie, one of a pretty boudoir, and one 'just because' shot.
Her work has a very feminine touch, and she (or her assistants) do a great job with styling the shoot. Polly Wreford is represented by the Sarah Kaye Representation agency. We noticed that along with her work, there were several other photographers that used lingerie in their pictures. Of course we had to share some of our favorites!

Below is the work of photographer Robert Allen, also from the Sarah Kaye agency.The bra above looks like Myla (it looks like one we had at the store a few years ago), the bustier below is most certainly ID Sarrieri!

Photo below by artist Shun + Hideki...the shoes really got our attention!
We don't know whose panties those are, but this picture is really all about those gorgeous chartreuse shoes!

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

OMG! Beautiful Treasures!
Thank You Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shoes - another spectacular offering for feet by Gucci it looks like. Do you have nay idea where the sailor-esque lingerie in one of the other pictures was from?

Unknown said...

you're right - those probably are Gucci shoes (good call). as for the lingerie with the sailor look, i have no idea - it looks so cute. i think these pictures are a couple of years old, so there's no telling!