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Wednesday, July 30

1960s Lingerie

We had a little lapse in our 'lingerie through the decades' series, but we're back with styles from the 1960s. During the 60s we see more experimentation with color (of course there's more color advertising at this point), and we still see those bullet bras!
Perhaps one of the more aggressive lingerie advertisers of the time was Maidenform, which claimed success with its "I dreamed I ... in my Maidenform bra" campaign.
Perhaps our favorite lingerie images from the 60s come from artist Rene Gruau who famously created beautiful advertisements for Christian Dior Lingerie (among other things!). His ads would look great framed in your boudoir - we did just that with the Gruau image below!

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Anastasia said...

these illustrations are just wonderful!! so glam...

birdy b said...

These are beautiful!! Love them.

Always In Style said...

What a great post - I adore vintage advertisements.

Decor To Adore said...

I love these images. I would so hang them in a powder or dressing room.