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Wednesday, June 11

A Custom Faire Frou Frou Painting!

How cool is this! One of our readers took a photo from our blog and created a painting. The artist is from Fifi Flowers Design Decor, and she creates a painting-a-day! We are inspired by her creativity and fresh colors, and it inspires us to get back into painting.
Thank you Fifi for choosing Faire Frou Frou for your daily painting!

Above is the painting Fifi Flowers created, and below is the picture she based it upon (which happens to be one of our favorites):Thank you again Fifi! You can purchase Fifi's work from her Etsy shop here.

9 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! Great variant )))

Hugs from Angel.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear :-)
Please join our contest sweetie ))) It has 2 prizes )))
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Have a nice weekend.


littlebyrd said...

What a fun blog you have here! The painting is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello - I am looking forward to seeing more of yours!

please sir said...

Oh I know - her work is so great and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I love this painting! Thanks for playing in the store yesterday. It was so much fun to see what great pieces you have in there AND I LOVE my versitile nightie/evening out dress!!! It's sooo gorgeous!


Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

Fifi's work is lovely! Thanks for posting on my site - HD crash...I have a couple of backup methods, but chose not to do it "just yet" - incredibly stupid. It was a pretty quick house cleaning I must say. I'll be back to blogging soon - keep in touch!


Fifi Flowers said...

HOW FUN to see my art work on your site! Thanks for showing this painting off! It was a FUN one to paint! Looking forward to seeing YOUR creations!

Fifi Flowers said...

Looking at this... maybe I should do a lingerie collection of notecards... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Love the painting and the lamps too!! :)