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Thursday, April 7

Michi - Lingerie-Inspired Athletic Wear

images via Michi, photos by Gian Carlo Drueco

Today may possibly be the first time in the history of our blog that we've written about athletic wear!  Perhaps because our idea of working out is time spent lounging in pretty intimates, we're not entirely accustomed to getting gritty.  BUT all of that has changed now that we can get gritty in style...all thanks to the athletic wear label Michi.  Michi is a lingerie-inspired lifestyle brand.  Yes, lingerie-inspired!  The collection featured here reminds us a combination of our favorite lingerie labels Lascivious, Marlies Dekkers and the 'Knockout' collection by Made by Niki. We're sure our lingerie afficionado friends will agree.
We would like to thank fellow blogger Style on the Couch for introducing this label to us.  She did a wonderful write-up on the collection which includes an interview with Michi's designer Michelle Watson.  You can check it out here.  Though these pieces will not be available in stores until July 2011, you can contact the designer directly if you can't wait to place an order!

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17 fabulous comments:

Engra said...

Very interesting...I like it!

Squeeze the Pug said...

Nice photos. It would be a real task wearing those heel during gym though!

Kori said...

I love them, but think they might be a little too sexy for the gym. I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for the 2nd Fashion Friday! I'd love for you to link up with us! Let me know if you have questions. Have a great day honey! Kori xoox


Anonymous said...

I was so in love with the range when I saw it, I put in an order already. I do some workout DVDs in my home, so it gives me a chance to be a little more daring if I can't face the gym (although I suspect I will also wear it there anyway!)


Lily said...

Love it !! I love all the sexy sports bras.


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Saskia said...

I saw this too, I think it's wonderful! I want to look like that at the gym, I don't feel comfortable in athletic wear. It seams so me that we are facing a little trend here, (with this and the Knockout collection, and I also wrote about a stunning sports bra from Adidas some days ago that I would totally wear as a lingerie as outerwear top!) it's time for the sporty spice lingerie/lingerie inspired sports wear!

sex shop said...

Love your Blog! I’ll be checkin out your archives! I specialize in “Best Of” posts, and your blog will be added to one of my posts.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love them :) Maybe if I had these, I would take myself to the gym more often ;) Have a great weekend lovely ladies xx

Jim Ellenbacher said...

on viewing these styles, which were not what I had pictured from the brief description. I found them both tasteful and attractive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Squeeze. Not too many workouts effective in six inch heels. That being said, I love the look, and I would definitely wear it!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh wow, love these!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous collection!
Love the bras!


alexandra Luz said...

Nice looks, but are these lot comfortable? can we wear it daily?

World said...

These clothes are absolutely beautiful. I am doing something similar in that I added fashion to athletic wear, but my clothes are more a combination of club wear and athletic wear!

I wish I knew who does their sewing!

thanks Stephanie


World said...

These styles are absolutely beautiful!

I am creating a similar product in that I have added fashion to athletic wear but my styles go more in the direction of fun to wear fashion.

I wish I knew their sewers, these have great construction as well.


Organic Fashion said...

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