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Thursday, April 28

Rule-Breakers: Dimepiece Designs


We're kind of in an edgy lingerie mood these days (or more like over the past year), and according to what's been selling in our shop, our customers have been too!  That's why it was fun for us to discover the brand Dimepiece Designs.  Their Spring 2011 collection may be small but it includes some fun pieces; for instance, that white 'ribcage bra' (that's what we're calling it) is like nothing we've ever seen and the styling of their lookbook is pretty outside the box from what we normally see.  Granted, we wouldn't really classify Dimepiece as a lingerie brand, which is probably where that ready-to-wear edginess lends itself to their look. Plus, their online shop appears to stock mostly their signature t-shirts and accessories. Nonetheless, with bras, panties and a cut-out bustier in their repertoire there's no denying that the designers (Laura Fama & Ashley Jones) are inspired by lingerie.
To learn more about Dimepiece Designs and where you can order this brand, click here.

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2 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

great photos, there's some fab structured pieces here


Catherine said...

I adore their lookbook photos, but I do wish they had that fabulous corset on their site!

Love their collars as well.

Thanks for sharing~