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Wednesday, April 13

"The Fash Pack" Shows Off Made by Niki

images via The Fash Pack, photos by Natalia Ilina, model Emma Hansen, stylist Naomi Mdudu

The stylist for this editorial (Naomi Mdudu) has won over our hearts as she perfectly incorporates Made by Niki lingerie into each shot.  It's the little touches like this that show why lingerie is such an important accessory.  The model is wearing the now famous retro-styled Classics front-cinch bra which has been a Made by Niki staple for a few years.
To see the rest of the photoshoot (the non-lingerie images, that is) as well as the clothing credits, click here.

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9 fabulous comments:

Christina said...

Dark & lovely!

yiqin; said...

The last dress is awesome :D

Lily said...

beautiful photos.


Lingerie said...

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous lingerie too. Classic black and classic beauty! Lingerie Of Desire

N. and M. Ziegfeld said...

LOVE that sheer black bra in the fist picture....wow!

Who Moved my Birkin said...

beautifuly dark and sultry

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, just breathtaking!


Winchester Manor said...

So very gorgeous! i need a serious lingerie update!! Thank you so very much for your words of comfort for my sweet Toby, it means more to me than you could know!


Miss Woody said...

gorgeous !