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Friday, April 29

Spring-a-ling: ARI DEIN of Manhattan Strikes Again


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images via ARI DEIN and Faire Frou Frou (unless otherwise noted)

We can officially call it Spring here at Faire Frou Frou now that ARI DEIN has arrived!  The airy assortment of luxury loungewear is currently gracing our sales floor, but perhaps not for long based on how quickly it's been selling...it almost begs the question "what recession?". Thank you Ari for ending that pesky economic downturn with your inspired designs.
Perhaps the most anticipated part of the new season is the arrival of the men's style pajama set.  Though originally slated for Fall, the Boutique Hotel Pajama Top and Pant were pushed forward to the current season based on popular demand.  Now available, it has quickly become the best-selling item for the ARI DEIN brand!  We personally love the pajama set as it represents a casual elegance that makes for the perfect 'lounge in luxury' scenario.  It's practical but also quite decadent.       
Other new additions include the Jane Street group which consists of silk chiffon 'dobby dot' pieces with contrast black grosgrain ribbon trim (see 6th picture down to get a good idea of what the dobby material looks like).  With this group we see the introduction of a beautiful bra/panty/garter set along with the signature ARI DEIN demi robe, shorty and camisole.   
We're excited to share that there's even a few pieces from Spring 2011 that are exclusive to Faire Frou Frou!  The Boxwood floral print with fuchsia satin trim camisole and shorty was a color combination made specifically with our boutique in mind!  It's a striking combination that we are thrilled to have in our boutique. 
Designer Arielle Shapiro (aka "Mama Pajama" to industry insiders) has created a collection that has us feeling inspired.  We're hoping the Spring 2011 collection inspires you too!

If you didn't already see it on our Facebook page, here is Mademoiselle Frou Frou wearing the new ARI DEIN Boxwood Demi Robe:

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Lily said...

So cute...love the first photo.



If I'm moody, tired if it's that time of the month.. stockings + the right lingerie always makes me feel like a goddess.


joei ♥ said...

Hi Alison! I've been visiting your blog since you're on my links page. But I'll be deleting that part of my blog soon since there are a lot of inactive blogs already. I'll use my followers thing as a reference for visiting blogs. So is it ok if we follow each other? :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Definitely, Maybe

Unknown said...

I SERIOUSLY want those men's inspired pajamas ...in peacock please ;) Like lusting hard for them!!!!

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

I love everything? (And how charming is it that the woman in the last photo--in fabulous lingerie--is holding a Kate Spade covered iPhone?)

Claire M. said...

I like the first photo its so cute :)

Claire M.