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Tuesday, April 5

Chantal Thomass - Spring 2011

images via Chantal Thomass

If any lingerie brand has a frou-frou spirit, it's Chantal Thomass!  Each season we enjoy showcasing the latest goodies from this darling French label.  The little red set (which appears to be gingham and is called La Fée Frivolité) in the first picture is our favorite, though we are also coveting the bra in the third pic with the black applique bow.  
For those of you who may inquire, we still believe that Chantal Thomass is not available for sale in the U.S., which means none of the new collection will be at Faire Frou Frou.  We're still holding out for when that day comes!  

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9 fabulous comments:

Lily said...

Beautiful!! How fun with the giant fruit.


N. and M. Ziegfeld said...

Love it! This time I'd have to say I agree with you; the first and third sets had me "Ooh lala!"-ing out loud! Too adorable!

Unknown said...

gorgeous sets, i love that first image. so pretty!


yiqin; said...

woot sexaye

Pinupmania said...

Very nice !

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! And congrats on being named #1 in L.A.! So excited for you!!
xo Elizabeth

Miss Woody said...

perfect collection !

Michelle said...

I agree, the first bra set is amazing, flirty, feminine and sexy too. Lingerie Of Desire

Roxy Te said...

oh mon chou! c'est tres tres chic! J'espere que pourrais l'acheter! Did I murder that French? I had to give it a shot because that French label is killing me. I need it in my life ;)