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Friday, December 3

Lingerie & Photography: Tom Munro

images via here from Numero Magazine (March 2007), Elise Crombez by Tom Munro

Doesn't black & white photography just seem to make everything an instant classic?  Model Elise Crombez is showing off some timeless pieces from this 2007 editorial for Numero Magazine.  Just seeing that black chemise in the first picture is a reminder of how some lingerie can be timeless.  Each image is quite beautiful, and check out those patterned tights in the last shot!  So beautiful!

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6 fabulous comments:

daisychain said...

These are really incredible photos x

Embodying Fashion said...

stunning photos, love her hair! :)

Cassandra Dias said...

I love that second photo! This series is so pretty!


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Anonymous said...

Love the last pic!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I just love black and white!

xo Mary Jo

The Demoiselle said...

Fierce yet frilly...a sexy mix indeed. <3