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Friday, December 31

Bonne Année! (Happy New Year!)

image via Fifi Chachnil

We would like to wish all of our delightful customers, blog followers/readers and friends a beautiful 2011!  Of course Faire Frou Frou would be nothing without your continued support, which we treasure each and every day.  We are exiting 2010 on a high note and are so excited about what's in-store for the new year.  We are actually planning BIG for the new year and will certainly keep you involved with our projects and expansion as we have details. 
This day marks the perfect opportunity to thank you!  There's so much inspiration and happiness to be found in our daily frou-frou interactions. 
Happy New Year (or Bonne Année) friends. 

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10 fabulous comments:

Tips said...

Happy new year

Tiffany Kadani said...

Happy New Year! Thank you for always keeping me up to date and glam!

Miss Narcissus said...

Sounds like some exciting times ahead. Happy New Year, Frou Frou Ladies! xo

daisychain said...

Happy New Year! x

Unknown said...


Peace & love,
Ivânia Diamond

Pinupmania said...

Happy new year
olivier said...

Happy New Year, my dear!

The French Maid said...

Cute little pin-up girl! Don't you just love those?!
Thanks for a year of fun glamour and reminding me that even at age 50, it is still fun just being a girl!
All my best to you all in 2011!
--Lee Ann

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Happy New Year to you, darlings! It's been a pleasure to follow you on Twitter and see the luxurious lovelies you present on your blog! To another fun, exciting and glamorous year ahead! Cheers! xoxo

Punctuation Mark said...

happy new year and have lots of fun and success!!!