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Wednesday, December 29

Birds, Lingerie...

images via here

We are trying to find a common theme with each of these pictures by Greg Kadel...there's definitely the lingerie and big blowing hair, but we can't quite figure where the bird motif works itself in.  Even though it doesn't make a lot of sense, it certainly is striking! 
That first image with the garter panty & stockings is superb, and we love the use of the cupless bra in the third image down.  We are always suggesting the cupless/open bras to our customers as a layering piece/accessory for your outerwear, and that open bra layered under the dress is the perfect interpretation of it.  In fact, we might just try that look ourselves tomorrow (with the Myla 'Simone' Triangle Bra)'s so fun being inspired by fashion!
We actually featured Kadel in our last blog post, and usually don't feature the same photographer back to back, but what the heck!  These pictures just had to be shared...and besides, we're going to use that first picture to create a new graphic for the Twitter link on our blog's sidebar.

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8 fabulous comments:

Treacle said...

I'll take one mesh dress and one corset, please. ;)

coco kailee said...

I second Treacle! Love the mesh dress over the girdle. I want!

So fierce <3

xoxo coco

Miss Narcissus said...

Greg Kadel's work is always stunning- I'd feature it twice in a row too!

Anonymous said...

Love the third picture, it reminds me of Moulin Rouge!


Saskia said...

Woow, beautiful pictures! Love the third picture, with the open bra half visible.

Los Mutandes

Petra Bellejambes said...

I'll take whatever Treacle left behind :)

Striking images as I so often find here. Thanks for all the inspiration this year,and much success to your beautiful enterprise in the new year m'dears.

xxoo - Petra

Panty Buns said...

The lingerie in the first and the corset in the fifth photos are gorgeous, and the pattern on the dress in the third photo is nice too. I wonder whether the addition of the ornithological influence to the striking appearance and showiness of the lingerie and outfits was meant to suggest that some lingerie is fit to be seen by the world - for the stars? If know I owned it I'd feel a desire to let it be seen.

Unknown said...

Love these bird images--they are striking with the lingerie, just gorgeous! Wishing you all happiness in 2011! Thanks for your year-round inspiration and daily dose of loveliness!

xo Mary Jo