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Tuesday, April 14

Vannina Vesperini - Spring 2009

Imperiale Chemise (above) - We love this picture. We also have this chemise in stock!

Magique Bra & Tanga (above) - this set is very cute - it has pink & blue "confetti" embroidery that you can't really identify in this picture. You can see the detail better when you click on the picture to view the item on our online store...

Etonnante Bra & Shorty (above) - We have the camisole tie-top & tanga that matches this set in stock.

Imperiale bra & panty (above) - we have this set at the boutique. It's a gorgeous set in person...we wish we had a close-up picture to share, but not yet.

If you have shopped at our boutique, you will know that we are big fans of Vannina Vesperini. She is a French lingerie designer who has created a niche with her 'visible lingerie' collections; which means she creates pieces that are meant to be layered or shown as part of your outerwear. Often times Vannina will create a bra and panty, and also design a matching camisole, sweater, skirt and/or wrap so that the look can be worn out. The bras in her collection are so luscious and beautifully-detailed, it's no wonder she makes it possible for you to show them off!
We will be posting some of the items you see here to our online boutique (we just need to get them properly photographed!)...they are currently available and selling in our Studio City store.

11 fabulous comments:

Christina said...

one day i will have enough money to buy some pieces like this (even i have to start saving now!) and when i do, i'm headed your way.

misis bezi bra disc said...

these is just a site for sore eyes, especially when you're a lingerie addict just like me!

Michelle Marie said...

So beautiful! Each and every piece and I love how they incorporate with eachother and how you can layer. More possibilities, more ways to spice up an ensemble.

I love, I love!!


Rachael Kearley said...

I just discovered your blog and I love love love it!!!!
It crazy beautiful

tanya said...

so romantic!! LOVE

Tina Tarnoff said...

My goodness! I love your lingerie!
Girls dreams come true:)!

franki durbin said...

absolutely stunning. beautiful!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely lingerie! You are LINKED on my blog today!!!
Pop over and see!
ENJOY your day!

betsy and iya said...

I can't handle how much I LOVE your style. I know I've told you before, but SERIOUSLY!?!! genius.

Unknown said...

wow, thank you for the beautiful comments!! we are very grateful for the positive feedback!

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