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Monday, December 22

Pretty Details

Ahh, we have just fallen in love with the photography of Ellen Silverman (thanks to Creature Comforts)! We wanted to share a couple of photos that reveal beautiful details...featuring lingerie, of course. All of her work is bright, clean, refreshing and lovely. The first picture with the bra & panty set is so sweet - that's what every woman's laundry line should have on it!
We suggest that you check out her site for her complete portfolio featuring interiors, still life and food photographs.

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I know that's just what my lingerie chest needs :)
The shots of the peonies are so fresh this time of year, it's nice to see a little pink instead of red and green right about now! Happy holidays!

dee said...


Anonymous said...

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