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Wednesday, December 17

Hopeless Lingerie

Thanks to From Betsy With Love, we discovered a handmade lingerie label called Hopeless. This lovely little line, currently sold on Etsy, is high style and beautifully made. This couture label (truly couture since it is made just for you!) is owned by two sisters in Melbourne, Australia. They designed pieces intended to evoke a dream world, and draw inspiration from "Alice in Wonderland" and "Breakfast at Tiffanys" for their different items. We particularly love the "Alice" inspired pieces - we can see the influence!
Because each piece is custom made, you can request different colors or slight variations in the style.
Visit the Hopeless boutique here. You can learn more about the brand by visiting Knickers blog as well.

3 fabulous comments:

Tricia said...

love love love this line, want it all!

Tali said...

Congrats! I've nominated you for a Lemonade award, because I think you have a great pinup blog. :)

Check it out at http://www.thepinupblog.com/files/036ed21e8968766be1e7b23471d540f2-180.html


Anastasia said...

yes, her items are gorgeous!!!