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Monday, December 15

Elizabeth Messina; Lingerie & Beautiful Photography

We have been fans of Elizabeth Messina's photography for a few years, and we are so pleased to be able to share her work with you! Elizabeth's work ranges from editorial to personal, but she is particularly known for her wedding photography. You've pretty much have seen her work at one point or another if you read magazines such as Oprah, Martha Stewart, Town & Country, InStyle, etc.
If you have a big day coming up in 2009, Elizabeth Messina is the person to book! It is our hope to do just that (a photo shoot here at Faire Frou Frou).
We think the boudoir-styled photos such as those shown would be an amazing gift for your significant other. Actually, it would be a perfect Valentine's gift...but you need to get some sexy and amazing lingerie first.
You can check out Elizabeth's website for a sampling of her work, and of course we have posted some of her boudoir pictures here! The lingerie in the photos is tastefully and beautifully represented - we love it! You can see why she is our favorite...

3 fabulous comments:

Ness Lockyer said...

Those photos are stunning, as is the lingere. Black and white is much more stylish than full colour. I would love to see what your shoot would look like with Elizabeth.
Ness xx

Kilee said...

i am in love with elizabeth's work. she is a solid photographer. wonderful person as well.


Unknown said...

her work is wonderful. thank you so much for sharing it here. I'm going to go check out her website.