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Wednesday, December 3

Holiday Gift-Giving - Easy as Can Be!

In a previous post we mentioned that kai fragrance is basically a no-brainer in terms of buying someone the perfect gift. Granted, we don't think kai products should be the only is best given with a set of beautiful lingerie (but we will get to that in another post!).
Another one-size fits all gift that we are featuring in this post is Safia jewelry. It is another product at Faire Frou Frou that receives very positive feedback and works on every's a win-win!
Safia's necklaces come in a variety of colors and sizes, but one thing is constant, and that is each piece makes a statement. Many Safia necklaces are multi-strand, consisting of tiny hand beaded semi-precious stones that work together to make an amazing piece of jewelry that is sure to turn heads. It is almost a guarantee that you get complimented on your necklace when you wear one of Safia's pieces - it happens to us all of the time (and we hear the same from customers quite frequently).
The necklaces at our boutique range in price from approximately $300 to $900...though she does make pieces that cost much less, and she also sells rose-cut diamond pieces that cost much more!

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