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Monday, December 8

Greg Williams; Lingerie & Photography

above: photos by Greg Williams

below: photographer unknown (let me know who this is so I can give credit!)
We wanted to share a few images we found online of tastefully, fashion-oriented lingerie photography. The first 2 images are from photographer Greg Williams. The other photo we don't know who did it (yet), but we love the lingerie-as-outerwear look. We bet that's a La Perla bra on the model.

2 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture is AWESOME. That's what I want to do all day - ride around in a limo, in cozy (faux!) furs and stockings. It's like your own private indulgent world, a bubble within the bustle of the real world.

Unknown said...

You have the most amazing shop & site. Everything is so pretty! I need to save my pennies and lose some lbs then treat myself to something fabulous from your store! Thanks for the incentive :) Your posts are just lovely too. They show us how pretty & dainty lingerie can be but tastefully. Thanks!