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Wednesday, June 13

The Madame V Kimono

We are so pleased to finally offer the Madame V Silk and Floral Kimono for sale at
Here are the details from our website:
Wrap yourself in the ultimate luxury...this floral silk kimono by UK designer Madame V. This decadent robe has a wide silk fuchsia obie for around the waist, and a brilliant fuchsia silk lining the entire interior. The trim along the neck and down to the ankles is a wide black satin. The robe itself is black silk with an Asian-inspired floral pattern (with red, white, purple, orange and green). The sleeves are dramatic, sweeping kimono style that drape down almost to your fingertips! A lovely touch is added with the black fringe tassels on the robe's waist tie. This robe's pattern also matches that of the Madame V 'Oriental Whip'...if you're interested in adding an accessory! SIZING NOTE: This robe is generously cut, so we believe the size Small can fit most people (from size 2-12). The robe measures approx. 57" long (from the top of the neck to the bottom).

2 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

um...they do know its folded on the wrong side right? Kimono's are drapped over with the slant facing left nor right.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if it's the wrong way it means the wearer is dead. It's the 'wrong' way on the deciest at funerals for instance.