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Wednesday, June 13

In case you're interested...Andres Sarda

We have carried the Andres Sarda brand in our boutique for well over a year, but have yet to sell it online (due to lack of proper photographs that do the collections justice...but we're working on that!).

In any event, we have photos from one of the Spanish designer's Winter runway shows, and in case you're interested, these items are available for purchase at our Studio City, CA boutique (depending on size availability).
You can get pricing details, and place an order by phone by calling us at (818)-783-4970. We do ship Internationally.

We also have the current Spring/Summer '07 collection in store, but just no photos! You can see their new collection on their website, and we are happy to facilitate orders based on what you see & like!

Here's a little sales pitch for anyone who doesn't live in don't have to pay sales tax on orders that we ship!!

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