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Monday, June 18

John Galliano Lingerie Collection

With the SUMMER SALE upon us, we decided to post as many sale items to the online store as possible. That being said, we are so pleased to announce the vast listing of John Galliano intimates that are now available for sale on our site!
The entire collection is currently ON SALE with markdowns ranging from 40-75% off!
Some of our favorite pieces are the Ladybug and Butterfly pieces shown here. Another favorite is the Sea foam-colored dotted tulle bra - we have it and get plenty of use out of it!!
Of course we also have the famously quirky Newspaper print pieces, which tend to get a great response out of new customers (they like to joke that their husband/boyfriend would get a kick out of 'reading the paper' on their lingerie). The 'news' print on the Newspaper collection actually contains snipits of Galliano-related press and silly little stories about glamour and fame.
Check out our SALE section at and splurge away!!!

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