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Wednesday, June 13

A Change of Pace for Spring/Summer

U.K. brand Beau Bra has taken a fresh approach to the Spring/Summer collection with a dramatic new colorway. Typically we see plenty of pastels in our Spring shipments, and were pleased to see something that stood out from the rest (not that we don't LOVE pastels!!!). The group shown here is a lovely cranberry red with ice blue lace detailing. The color contrast works incredibly well!
What we love from this group is that many of the pieces double as outerwear...you get more bang for your buck (excuse the expression)! Our favorite is the beautiful lace-back dress (shown) that can be worn either forwards or backwards. We also enjoy the silky front-tie jacket that makes a great lightweight cover-up.
Beau Bra also created some lovely pieces in aqua...they are bright, fresh and delicious!! Check out the collection at Faire Frou Frou!

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