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Thursday, November 18

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

Photos by Daniella Rech, images via here

We must admit we had zero intention of ever posting anything about the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but when we came across these backstage images by Daniella Rech we changed our tune.  You would think that because we are lingerie bloggers and own a lingerie store we would be interested in this show, but for some reason we just aren't.  Maybe it's just too commercial...
Anyhow, these photos were taken for and they are  pretty impressive in the large format on their website.  You can feel the energy of the work that goes on backstage and get an idea of the intensity of the event through Rech's lens. 
Check out the large format images here.  

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6 fabulous comments:

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Hi girls, haven't commented here for ages! Hope you both are well.
I'd agree with you about VS... I watch it every year, but more for the fun and "pretty factor" of it rather than to look (or admire) the lingergie. Yes, the use the most beautiful models to show off their products, but then, be honest, if the product itself isn't that brilliant, you do have to create a show around it and use gorgeous women who would push the sales up and up and up... :)


Chicago Chic said...

Wow these are great photos.... how fun that must be!

Embodying Fashion said...

Adorable photos.

classiq said...

Oh, I love these black & whites! I find them more interesting than all the other well known by now photos from during the show.

Treacle said...

Love these even more than the official runway photos.

Unknown said...

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