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Tuesday, November 23

Pretty Panties! Zink Magazine Holiday 2010

Oh my goodness, we need these panties!

The polka dot panties, waist-cincher and stockings make a eye-catching combo
 Images via Zink Magazine "Eye Level", Holiday 2010 issue, Photos by Pierre Dal Corso, Model Natalia K, Styled by Sophie Clauzel

It turns out we need those panties in the first picture...they are so incredibly adorable!  These images are from the current issue of Zink Magazine, which we would love to get a copy of in order to see the designer credits on each of these pictures.  Each picture has a pretty pair of panties that steal the shot!  Perhaps those bulky knit undies we could go without, otherwise each pair is certainly covet-worthy.
We usually have a few readers who will go the extra distance and let us know who made what, and we would especially appreciate it in this case.   
When spending week after week discovering amazing editorials featuring such fun lingerie, we can't help but wonder why French women still outrank American women by spending twice as much money on their lingerie.  Come on American women, get with it (and start by shopping here)

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15 fabulous comments:

Panty Buns said...

What an stunning array of fabulously feminine panties in Zink Magazine. They all look lovely. I love those sheer polka dot panties.

coco kailee said...

SWOON. I love pretty, frilly lingerie. I love it! I usually buy mine vintage (I have any AMAZING French all-over girdle from the 40s), but occasionally I'll splurge on newer creations.

I only wish I could afford the beautiful lingerie that was in your store! That's all that I would buy if I had the money! LOL! :}

xoxo coco

Toad Lillie said...

Those first panties are so frou frou! xo

Anonymous said...

Love the first pic!! They're all gorgeous though!


Unknown said...


love the first <3


Cell Phones said...

Wow,fantastic!I just love her style,I wish I could wear boots like her.

Megan said...

I love the second to last outfit! plus her hair completes the whole look!

0 said...

FANTASTIC this photos!
I will be hapy to follow you.
If you want came in my new blog!


Alice said...

The knickers in the top image (black with lace ruffles) and also the fourth image (polka dot) are both by Fifi Chachnil, the last image has knickers from Chantal Thomass. I have the ruffled lace ones which I love!

Alice Smith said...

I actually have some of these knickers so I can help with id's. The frilly knickers in the first image and the polka dots in the fourth image are both from Fifi Chachnil and the last image is a pair by Chantal Thomass. Love the editorial!

Unknown said...

Alice - Thank you so much for your help! We thought the first pair might be Fifi Chachnil based on a few pieces we have in our shop, but weren't certain. You are lucky to own such lovely pieces!
xox alison

Fancy Lingerie Store said...

The first item is beautiful, the 3rd we are not sure exactly what it is though the boots are very stylish!

Energy Barre said...

Yes why is it that the French buy more lingerie?! I think that instead of silly New Years resolutions like losing 10 lbs or exercising more we should be a bit more decadent and purchase decent lingerie and drink more champagne!

wholesale electronics said...

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