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Wednesday, November 17

Mademoiselle Fifi; The Fifi Chachnil CD!

We love that not only can you wear Fifi Chachnil, you can listen to her too!  Our friend and the quintessential French lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil recently released a mini CD filled with bubbly, lighthearted French tunes.  We have this delightful little album and today marks the debut of it playing at Faire Frou Frou's Studio City boutique!  The songs are a perfect match for the Fifi fan in that they should be playing while wearing her lingerie, sipping champagne and eating colorful macarons.  Fifi is no stranger to the music industry, having recorded her first album back in 1984. 
You can purchase the CD or download the music off of iTunes (we suggest that, particularly since you can preview the songs).

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8 fabulous comments:

coco kailee said...

How utterly fabulous! I'm always looking for new music, especially the light-hearted and girly, so this sounds right up my alley :}

Where on the site are you streaming it? I visited the front page, but didn't see/hear anything...

xoxo coco

Fifi Flowers said...

ANOTHER Fifi!!!! FUN!!!

Kori said...

What adorable images! Don't forget to check out and enter my Christmas Giveaway!

Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Coco, thanks for your comment! We corrected the post to indicate that the music is playing at our Los Angeles boutique, not online. We would never torture our web visitors with music streaming (as good as the songs are, we detest sites that force music on people). You can preview the songs with the link we provided on iTunes! Hope you enjoy them...they really are sweet.
xox alison

Anonymous said...

I'm so curious to listen to this CD, it must be amazing!!!


Unknown said...

She is so fun! And what a great cd to play in your store!

xo Mary Jo

Pinupmania said...

I love Mademoiselle Fifi !
So funny !

Tiffany Kadani said...

How fun! I would feel like such a girlie girl listening to it. I love that!