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Saturday, November 20

Experimenting With Color


images via Numero Tokyo (Sept 2008) photos by Claudia Knoepfel + Stefan Indlekofer

We actually put together this blog post back in July, but for some reason never published it.  So for a light weekend post, we're sharing these images from Numero Tokyo with you.  Each of the models show of a hint of fun color with their lingerie.  From raspberry stockings to fluorescent green garter straps, the lingerie is the standout in each shot (okay, the model is pretty too!).  We're guessing that the bright lingerie is by NYC designer Deborah Marquit and perhaps the stockings are by Cervin and/or StockinGirl
We may just wear a bit of fun color with our undies today too!

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10 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

Lovee the 3ºpic!!!


Engra said...

Great idea for the winter!

Crikey Aphrodite! said...

The second pic's stockings are Cervin Capri Bicolors. But they often get relabelled. Lovely pics :)

Anonymous said...

Love the first pic!!!



Retro Model Sari said...

I have the same pair as on pic 2. I got them at What KAtie did :-)

daisychain said...

Oh there are truly amazing.

Gudrun and Iris said...

wow, that's a different editorial for a change. love love lvoe these coloured stockings! the pink ones are for me!


Fancy Lingerie Store said...

Love the 3rd picture with the black and the blue outfit. Very nice!

Lucy said...

Absolutely love the first pic.
So flattering.



classiq said...

Love the 1st photo!