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Thursday, April 9

Couture Lingerie with Couture Gowns

Credits: Bra in top photo by What Katie Did, Panties by Rosamosario (we love Carlotta's work!), and hosiery by Falke. Shoes appear to be Christian Louboutin (because we own that same pair in black!).
Photograph by Mario Testino, Vogue UK.

How could we not post these gorgeous images of Natalia Vodianova from UK Vogue?! Not only do we love the lingerie, but the pictures are just so beautiful (Natalia happens to be one of our favorite models) - that Dior Haute Couture pink gown is amazingly decadent.
Thank you to Fashion Pulse for inspiring this post!

8 fabulous comments:

betsy and iya said...

hot hot hot hot hot (I can't think of anything to say about this post) hot hot. your taste is SO PERFECT! mwah!

Lauren said...

You've made me want- no neeed- to go shopping!! (Reading through your posts!!) beautiful images!!

Unknown said...

thank you to both of you!! we're happy to hear the sweet reviews!

Fashion Moment said...

You're welcome, darling!


tanya said...

this is so elegant and over the top--I adore it!

Transgender Vanessa said...

Gorgeous! :) You've got great taste hon.

Melinda said...

Beautiful clothes, but the model looks like a 12 year old dressing up in her mother's girdle and lingerie.

It doesn't do the clothes justice. Not even close.

Fashion should listen- enough with the underage girls already. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

ciao it is carlotta, founder of Rosamosario... the all look is Rosamosario also the bra ... effectively in the mario testino's shoot on vogue uk may all the pieces are from Rosamosario but i don't know why they have credited What Kate Did'r brand... we have opened a beautiful store in Milan and we are planning to come in los angeles during Xmas times sales.. we will receive all the clients only by appointment
looking forward to come in LA .. is my favourite place and i love allison and mamma ... thank u girls