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Wednesday, February 11

Lingerie & Beautiful Photography

Here we go again with an extraordinarily talented photographer, Camilla Akrans. Camilla is a versatile photographer that has an extensive portfolio with an emphasis on high-fashion. Pretty much if you read VOGUE, Elle, Bazaar, you know her work.
The photos that we included in today's post feature lingerie as shot through a sheet of gauzy silk. It creates a dramatic and mysterious effect that works beautifully when paired with the boudoir imagery.

To learn more about Camilla Akrans, click here.
The image below is also by Camilla - a very different look compared to what you see above, and simply gorgeous!

6 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

phenomenal photography! those shots are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Images and a Cool blog!!

Anonymous said...

Great images! I love the last one the most!

Unknown said...

i love the last one too - anything with a kimono!!

Mia said...

Your blog is lovely! The pictures are just to die for, especially in this entry. <3

Penny Lane said...

the model is really pretty, and the photos are great.