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Monday, November 3

Donna Karan New York

Donna Karan coat

Madame V robe
We are finally catching up on a stack of fashion magazines that has been growing by the day. Upon flipping through Bazaar and Vogue, we have been intrigued by the Donna Karan ad campaign, namely because of a beautiful pale pink ostrich feather coat.
Yes, we have a thing for ostrich's such a fun trim (along with sequins!). In any event, the image reminded us of our favorite Madame V ostrich feather robe that has since sold out. In fact, our last robe in stock went to a very dear reader of ours (yes, Katie we're talking about you!). One significant difference between our Madame V robe and the Donna Karan coat is that the robe cost about $800 and the coat costs $6,200! Both pieces remind us of that gorgeous robe from the film "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" - we still want that robe! Since we sold out of the Madame V robes, we haven't been able to find an amazing ostrich trim robe since.
In searching the Donna Karan website, we see that intimate apparel is a key component to her work. She believes that a great foundation for building a Spring wardrobe, for example, is a great chemise upon which you can layer. Of course the Donna Karan brand includes its own lingerie label, which most of us have probably bought at one point or another.

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Fifi Flowers said...

GORGEOUS items!!!

katie said...

LOL! And I love that robe to this very day. Thank you so much!