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Wednesday, November 19

Vogue Paris

above: a La Perla bra
above: a Dior bra

We feel like we have been m.i.a. from the blogging world, with only a few posts here and there. It can actually be time-consuming finding something blog-worthy to post, and we have been busy with a bunch of projects here at our boutique! Thank you for your patience. ;-)
Anyhow, we wanted to post a bit of editorial eye-candy featuring Cindy Crawford in the November issue of French Vogue magazine. Thank you to one of our readers who alerted us to the pretty bras in this spread!

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog with great inspiration! I will be adding you to my must see blogs list!

Hilaria Galleries said...

what a cool bra! what I really like is that the black bra looks both supportive and gorgeous. I know that, as a lady who needs some oomph in her brassiere, I appreciate an attractive alternative to the wide strapped, over the shoulder grandma boulder holder...

Jane Doe said...

Jeez, I love the black La Perla, I need it for this Saturday night!