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Friday, November 7

Keep Me - a new loungewear line!

We are proud to introduce Keep Me, a fairly new loungewear line based in Malibu, CA. This company specializes in modal separates, such as tank tops, lounge pants, nighties, and sweaters. We've seen just how popular modal can be, with the customer response to modal products from sheandme...basically modal is a synthetic material that is like a silky soft cotton that feels absolutely amazing.
We consider this brand pretty fashion-forward, and it's more like stylish clothing that you would feel comfortable lounging in. It's casual and sophisticated at the same time.
Our favorite pieces are the Jenny Nightie (worn as a top) and the Nikki Racer Back Tank - we are taking those items for ourselves, and plan on giving them plenty of use! We hear that the best-selling item is the Anne Marie Tie-Back Nightie.
The owners of the company, Ali Kay and Anne des Barres, suggest that you wear Keep Me "when you get home from the office and you cannot wait to change out of your work clothing, when you’re ready to curl up in bed with a good book, to head to the gym or yoga studio, or even to run out for coffee." We couldn't agree more!

2 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Keep Me is the best kept secret of woman's casual wear. Comfortable clothes that look hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow..! Nice collection.. I just got a nice loungewear from Blair.