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Monday, November 26

Beau Bra - Winter 2008

Beau Bra is a lovely brand from the U.K. that has been represented at Faire Frou Frou since we opened in 2005. We have posted about Beau Bra and its designer (the beautiful Gabrielle Ross) before, and with the new collection here at the boutique, it's our pleasure to post about it again!

We love the Beau Bra philosophy on their brand: "Beau Bra is about discreet sexuality combined with ultra luxury and a hint of British formality. Underwear is designed to keep a man faithful." Now isn't that the truth!!

The images shown here are the new pieces we just received for Winter 2008. We are adding the new items to the boutique in a moment, and here's a peek at what we will be posting...

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