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Monday, November 12

Time to VOTE for Faire Frou Frou on Citysearch.com

We have recently been asking our loyal customers to vote for us on the FOX 11 'best lingerie boutique' competition (which you can still vote for through Nov. 23rd)...and as of this morning, we were nominated for another 'best of' competition! So, we would love to request your support again and ask that you VOTE for us in the BEST OF CITYSEARCH contest. We were nominated in the following categories:

When you click on the above links, just scroll down to find our name & click on VOTE!

We have been in the Top 5 for these categories for the past 2 years (except Lingerie, since it's a NEW category), so let's keep up the momentum!

P.S. - the picture of Eva Herzigova is completely gratuitous...we just liked the boudoir setting with the champagne, flowers, and pretty bedding!

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