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Sunday, November 24

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelle - Belgium Lingerie Label

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles / fashion images by Laeticia Bica

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles (A&VD) is a Belgium-based lingerie brand established in 2013.  Its concept is one that we love at Faire Frou Frou and in that it "likes to imagine that the Lingerie is more than a clothing, it's a second skin, it's a real fashion accessory which acts as a beauty product with which women can compose, can have fun, express their personality and being able to reveal their own sensuality."  The designer behind the brand is Laure Hurlet, who utilizes her family workshop in Belgium creating all natural fabric pieces.  The collection featured here is called "Eat Your Little Pea" and features simple, yet provocative designs (each named after a pea, such as Mushy Pea Garter, Split Pea Thong, Black-Eyed Pea Bra, etc.).  You can learn more about A&VD by visiting their online boutique

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5 fabulous comments:

Therése S said...

and, that I really liked! Very beautiful and exclusive.
xo // Tess.

Megan Luke Edwards said...

So so sexy! That sheer bra shown in the bathtub is so amazing.

Rilane said...

Great pictures. Great model :)

Unknown said...

This is excellent underwear to wear as a plus size lady. Many people usually mix up chemise with child toy. Although, the two look almost similar, they are not exactly similar. A child toy drops generally from stomach area down to a little bit above the waist thus revealing your bum andSexy Lingerie. However, the chemise is more suitable and it expands over the buttocks area thus similar to a small outfit. Another distinction is that the child toy is usually created of attractive lace which is usually connected to the bra. However the chemise is usually created from simple and simply styles.
The chemise enhances your shapely determine thus providing you an amazing attractive look. The pros are that you cannot lack a chemise of your preference. This is because the underwear comes in different shades, styles, and dimensions.

Couture Boudoir | NYC Photographer said...

So pretty! Love the straps.