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Monday, November 25

Japanese Lingerie Brand N.SENS

images via N.SENS photos by Jack Alibaba, model Rachel

N.SENS is a lingerie brand recently established in Japan and designed by Seina Takasaki.  The brand produces intimates that skillfully blend Japanese aesthetics with French sophistication.  The items featured here fall into two groups; Lilith and Ninfea.  Lilith is the more glamorous group featuring bras and panties with delicate lace overlay.  Ninfea appears geared toward a younger, more playful customer. 
Though N.SENS appears to have limited distribution at the moment, we expect to see the brand to gain a worldwide presence in the forthcoming months.  We can't wait to get our hands on that gorgeous Lilith set featured at the top of the post!

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11 fabulous comments:

AVY said...

Beautiful, very sensual.



Therése S said...

Beautiful and sexy

Miroir de Muses said...

Delicate lace mixed with modern cuts, just what I like !


Megan Edwards @udxola said...

Ok, the detail in this line is amazing! I love the use of combining fabrics to creative different textures and overlapping. I always know I can stay up=to-date with the latest in lingerie on the Faire Frou Frou blog! xoxo

Unknown said...

Really beautiful lingerie! I also love your blog. So many pretty things to see. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.
Janet's Creative Cottage

Sweet Vintage Designs said...

Works of art!!!!!!

Couture Boudoir | NYC Photographer said...


Couture Boudoir | NYC Photographer said...

So pretty! I love the third one the most!

Administrator said...

so pretty japanese lingerie

Snazzyway said...

Love the japanese collection

Ammar Eve said...

The Japanese lingerie is great.