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Tuesday, November 19

Carine Gilson - Luxury Lingerie Fall/Winter 2013

images via Carine Gilson

How could we possibly overlook our favorite pastime on our blog, which is featuring the latest designs from Carine Gilson.  Each season we think Carine's work is the height of luxurious perfection, and then another group comes along and 'wows' us.  The Fall/Winter 2013 collection has a definite Japanese influence, or at least that's what we're seeing.  Granted, Carine Gilson has consistently featured decadent kimono in every season, but the structure and simplicity of this season has a more precise Asian flair.  
Looking through these images makes us feel pretty lucky that we kept a few Carine Gilson pieces for ourselves when we used to carry the brand at our boutique.  The quality and beauty is just as swoon-worthy as ever, and just as much of a splurge.  Is there any pricey piece of lingerie you own that you just had to have?  We'd love to hear! 

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