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Tuesday, April 16

Life at Faire Frou Frou (According to Instagram)

CLaudette lingerie, mesh lingerie, tulle bras, Spring 2013
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Absolutely Pom, luxury lingerie, fifi chachnil, pinup
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all images via fairefroufrou on Instagram

You are long overdue for a Faire Frou Frou Instagram update!  Hopefully you've been following us all along and this is just a recap for you, but just in case, here's what we've been snapping lately.  This is the time of year we try to fill the store with cheerful, Spring colors.  Thanks to brands like Claudette, Zinke, Fleur of England and Hanky Panky (to name a few) the shop certainly is at its happiest. 
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4 fabulous comments:

Panty Buns said...

The very feminine Spring colours of the lingerie you've stocked your lingerie store Faire Frou Frou with are beautiful! LOVE!!

Lingerie Stylist said...

Can I move in?!

Jamie R. Peterson said...

Cute, lovely lingeries! ♥

love station said...

nice and sexy.