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Thursday, March 28

Straps, Bridles & Harnesses

lascivious, tamzin lillywhite, marlies dekkersbordelle, tamzin lillywhite
bordelle, tamzin lillywhite, lingerie
lascivious, helena lingerie, red lingerie
Lascivious Helena lingerie set
lascivious tyra top, marlies dekkers leading strings
lascivious, marlies dekkers,  tamzin lillywhite
Photography by William Williams, model Holly Parker

It truly is so much fun being a part of a lingerie photo shoot, as was the case with these photos taken by the talented William Williams.  Both he and model Holly Parker collaborated to create these striking images featuring lingerie picked up from Faire Frou Frou!   What's always interesting is seeing how a given photographer selects lingerie from our shop and makes them come to life with distinct style and personality in their work.  We were very impressed with what William did here! 
Probably most of our lingerie fans recognize the Bordelle Tutu Waspie, which was perfectly paired with a Tamzin Lillywhite pony ear bridle.  Other pieces from our boutique include the red Lascivious Helena bra/panty set, the Lascivious Tyra cropped (strappy) top, and the Marlies Dekkers 'Leading Strings' strappy thong.
A special thanks to Style on the Couch for including us on this project!

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misty said...

This is so hot! I love the black one!