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Tuesday, March 19

Lingerie Pin-Up Story

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Images via here.  photos by Marc Philbert, model Jenny Knoch

How could we resist sharing such an adorable pin-up story!  In what is reminiscent of a Chantal Thomass lingerie campaign, photographer Marc Philbert has created an editorial filled with retro-inspired sweetness with a touch of suggestive bad girl behavior (in true pin-up form).   
We love that each image shares the lingerie/clothing credits...far too often we don't get enough information!  We've identified some of our favorite brands such as Fifi Chachnil, Wolford, Chantal Thomass, Princesse Tam-Tam, Gerbe & Eres (plus many more).  
Our favorite images are the top you have a favorite?

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4 fabulous comments:

Ruth said...

Absolutely LOVE these!!! What an awesome idea!

marlita on the run said...

love this story! It's sexy and cute. you girls have the best taste! :)

Panty Buns said...

All of these lingerie pinup images are so much fun to look at, have such a pretty retro look and such lovely lingerie in them that it's very difficult to pick a favourite. If I absolutely had to choose I guess it would be the first one because of the pretty yellow colour, the hair-bow and frilly suspender belt. That second one is funny and I love the high-waisted panty. I love the lingerie outfit in the fourth with it's colourful bra, lace and lovely stocking tops. They're all marvelous.

Helen said...

It's really cute. I particularly like the one with an aeroplane casually thrown over her shoulder!