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Thursday, August 16

Naked Princess: In a Boudoir State of Mind

all images via Naked Princess

We are long overdue sharing one of our favorite brands at Faire Frou Frou, the luxury brand Naked Princess.  Naked Princess is equal parts couture lingerie, luxury loungewear and luxe apothecary.  At our boutique, we are focused on the lingerie and loungewear element, which represents a lifestyle of sophistication and comfortable elegance.  To see the beautiful designs is one thing, but to feel the soft luxe fabric against your skin is quite another!  Many of the items shown are made from a combination of MicroModal and cashmere with trims that include French Darquer lace and Scalloped Italian Pizval lace.  All Naked Princess products are produced in Southern California from materials crafted in France and Italy.  They are designed by women for women, with an emphasis on silhouettes that can be worn either as innerwear or outerwear.  The purpose is for each piece designed by Naked Princess is to be multi-functional, comfortable and luxurious.  All we can say is Mission Accomplished! 
We will be sharing the new Fall 2012 collection soon, which arrives at our boutique in about 2 weeks!  We can't wait to share!  In the meantime, shop the styles above here

We would also like to share that we were recently honored by Naked Princess's Reign Magazine as one of their Women Who Reign.  Click here to read the article and receive our 20% OFF PROMO CODE for all Naked Princess products! 

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10 fabulous comments:

AVY said...

Very sexy.


Unknown said...

loving the lingerie as outerwear


Coco Bates said...

I cant wait to buy pieces from their new fall 2012 collection. Im in love with their purple/grey bodysuit. Naked Princess is one of my favorite lingerie brands as well.


Fashion Hour said...

Elegant and beautiful! I love great lingerie

Zoe said...
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A Brit Greek said...

Ooh lala, i just adore that first piece worn as outerwear! What would co-workers say? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just love all of these, its why men like me want to be women xx

Unknown said...

such beautiful stuff!

Lisa said...

These are very beautiful.

NYC Boudoir said...

Love the purple body suit with lace! So sexy!!!